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The Research Edge® LLC is a full-service market research company that provides qualitative and quantitative methodologies to a broad range of businesses and industries.

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Our team is comprised of experienced and accomplished veterans in the industry who are responsible for your market research needs.  From design to results to recommendations, The Research Edge® LLC is committed to providing services tailored to effectively reach your customers.  With us, it is easy to stay competitive in the marketplace all while providing the best value for your budget. We would like to make your market research needs our priority.


We have the experience to translate data into KNOWLEDGE and power.

We LISTENIt's our Priority

We start each project with an in-depth consultation to clearly define the issues and project objectives you have.

We DELIVER.  It's our Priority

As the project progresses, we use ongoing monitoring to insure responses are recorded accurately. Data checks during analysis provide further quality assurance to meet your objectives.

​We Get the JOB DONE.  It's our Priority

Issues happen, we get it.  But your issues are our issues.  Our responsive communication throughout your project allows everyone to stay up to date on obstacles allowing us to expedite project completion.

We are COMPETITIVE.  It's our Priority

Budget is a big deal, we know. That is why we believe in staying competitive in price, but also excel in customer service and delivering exceptional results.

We have a Reputation for ATTENTION TO DETAIL.  It's our Priority

Be it 1-on-1 interviews or hundreds of surveys, we optimize state-of-the art technology and proven research techniques to deliver the stories behind your customers.

We are committed to EXCELLENCE.  It's our Priority

Our standard is to provide a level of service and customer satisfaction that surpasses your expectations. We want to earn your business on every project, every day.

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We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients and see ourselves as research partners. 
We have established a reputation for attention to detail, responsive client service, and quality results.
Our staff is skilled at interviewing, field management and coordination, computer expertise, and project support.
Our clients' loyalty is the key to our continued success.




The Research Edge® LLC was founded, and is headed by, its CEO Cheryl Powers, who holds graduate degrees in both Business Administration (Marketing) and Library Science from the University of Minnesota. Cheryl brings over thirty years of primary and secondary research experience.


Prior to creating The Research Edge® LLC, Cheryl worked in medical, health insurance, telecommunications, and financial industries.  It is the solidity of her professional training and experience that Cheryl brings to the leadership of The Research Edge® LLC and to your project.


Call Center Manager

Shay brings a wealth of research experience to our team, including prior telephonic experiences for us and other market research firms.  Because Shay has progressed through our company and currently manages the interview process, she has a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the business and industry.  She is invaluable – maintaining only the highest quality of recruiting and interviewing.



Research Analyst

Patrick leads the market research analytics at our company.  Patrick's primary focus is on statistical analyses and reporting for clients, as well as bringing technical expertise to support qualitative research such as focus groups and 1-on-1 interviews. As result, clients gain actionable in-depth understanding of their customers. Patrick has a double major in psychology and marketing as well as experience with business analytics.



Your Market Research Needs are our Priority

Research is about listening.

From project design to the analysis stage, The Research Edge® LLC continues to surpass expectations while maintaining its commitment to quality. Since virtually everything is handled in-house, we ensure each phase of the research process is reliable, thorough and precise. 

Our staff of seasoned professionals will help you listen to the voice of your customer through the following research methods and techniques:


Combining qualitative with quantitative analysis increases the depth of your understanding into the insights of the population. 

At The Research Edge® LLC, we will ask the questions that can determine the best research method for your unique business issue.


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Qualitative research discovers the "why?"

Focus Groups

In-Depth One on One Interviews

Blueprint Design


Quantitative research uncovers the "what"?

Phone Surveys

Online (Web-Based) Surveys

Mail Surveys



Cheryl Powers conducted focus groups and interviews with our health plan members to understand factors that impact their rating of care and benefits, as well as understand what constitutes good customer service. The research results were used to identify action items in our member experience work plans for next year. In addition, the results were incorporated in customer service training and used to review of dental plan benefits. Cheryl’s insightful work has started us on a path toward improvement in our member experience.

- Patrick Z, Market Research Manager
Health Insurer


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